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So you’re looking to get Mayhem, Inc. at your next event?

You’re in the right place.  Below, you’ll find all the info you need to get a quote for your event, and a detailed list of what we do, so you know what you’re in for what to expect from us.


All pricing is dependent on the event itself.  We don’t take on events where we don’t feel that the audience or our performers will be safe, or as safe as one can be while performing unspeakable acts of violence upon one’s person.  We are insured for fire, and will gladly do the fire portion of our show in an outdoor location, depending on weather and safety.

Our tech rider is available on request, and is pretty standard as far as contracts go.  We do require a contract for any and all performances.  This protects both you and our performers.

Any size event is okay.  Whether that’s a party for fifty of your closest friends and colleagues or a rock show for thousands — we’ve done them all before.  Our show is interactive, and does include audience participation where we can, though we promise, no audience members have been hurt in the making of this show.  (Except one.  And he disappeared.)

TO REQUEST A QUOTE:  Email us at bookingsATjohnnymayhemDOTcom.  (With the appropriate @ and . symbols, of course.)  We’ll get back to you within 48 hours, provided we’re not on the road at the time.

Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to working with you.


We do a lot of crazy things that your mother warned you not to do.  Much of it is traditional carnival sideshow performance with a modern, mafia-like twist, and while our regular show isn’t really kid-friendly, a family version of the show is available, as well.  (We’ve performed for both high school students and boy scout gatherings, so we do have experience in all-ages shows.)

Some of the acts we have available:

This one involves the hammering of a nail into a sinus cavity.  This is followed by a screwdriver or a pair of scissors, and finish with a showstopper –  a running cordless drill.

Unbreakable hands and tongue:

Hands in a live animal trap, tongue in a mouse trap. (Inadvisable as a bar trick, but it sounds great over a microphone)

Straitjacket escape on stilts:

Johnny is the only performer in the US that does this act.  It uses an unmodified straight jacket, and the entire escape takes less than a minute.  (And often ends with Johnny being topless, which is a bonus for the ladies.)

Bed of Swords:

Similar to a bed of nails, the performer lays on the edges of five razor-sharp swords, and lets an audience member stand on his chest.

Sword Swallowing:
Arguably, the most dangerous act of the show.  Johnny swallows an old WWI bayonnet — a sword with a twenty four inch blade.  Also good for crowds is the glo-stick swallow, where he swallows an entire glow-stick necklace, break it internally through body gyrations, and extract it from his throat *glowing*.  Crowds love it.

Glass walking:
Another great pain act that sounds even better with a microphone. The performer walks on broken glass barefoot… and jumps on it. Guaranteed to freak out the squeamish among the crowd.

Human Tip Jar:
Much like passing the hat, we perfer to pass the staplegun.  Audiences love this part of the show, which allows them to get involved, and go away feeling like they were a part of the show.  Tips are actually stapled directly to Johnny’s bare torso and forehead.

Optional/Extended Performance Acts:

Dry ice:
We handle dry ice without any safety procedures at all.  We pick it up with bare hands, can hold it, and put it inside of our mouths to become  human fog machines.

Coathanger Spelunking:
Johnny, being a big guy, can fit through a wire coathanger.   It’s quite shocking up close.

Fire eating:
If conditions are right, we will eat actual fire.   It requires much less space than fire breathing, but still has the element of Fire in it, which pleases the crowds.  It can be done indoors at most venues, versus the fire breathing, which requires more space and certain weather conditions.

Our jugglers can juggle balls, clubs, and machettes.

Block Smash:

Johnny sits down and lets his assistant  smash a concrete block with a sledge hammer…. while it’s on his crotch.  Guaranteed to have every man in the audience cringing in a fraction of a second.

Human cannonball:
Another act that we can combine with bed of nails or bed of swords, an assistant will drop a 5lb cannon ball onto a concrete paving block that is laying on the performer’s chest.


Don’t miss out!  Book Mayhem, Inc. for your next event!