Here you will find the visual evidence of performances, past and future, both with Johnny’s former groups and (eventually) current Mayhem, Inc. exhibitions.

Many of these photos have been taken by fans and onlookers, and all rights to these photos remain in their capable, creative hands.  Attribution has been given where it’s known.

If you have a photo you’ve taken at a MAYHEM, INC show, feel free to share it with us (and the world) by emailing the link or the photo itself to johnnyATthemayhemsyndicateDOTcom, with appropriate formatting.

Happy drooling!  (Or cringing, as the case may be.)




2009 and before



10-30 and 31, 2009
HallowINK FestEVIL



Halloween Festival
Cathedral of His Glory
Greensboro, NC
(coming soon)



The above are from Dwyer & Michaels’ “Freaky Friday” event in 2007. D&M are a morning radio comedy duo based in eastern Iowa, and have a yearly event for Halloween that never fails to shock and amaze the crowds. Check out their show if you’re in the area!