Halloween Shenanigans

Johnny Mayhem


We’ve been meaning to post about the awesomesauce that was Halloween 2009 for a few days now, but the missus Mayhem has been prepping both the house and this site for the Sideshow Gathering this coming weekend, and has been a slacker about doing so.  We’ve taken her birthday away as punishment.

That said, Halloween was a flurry of fire and crowds and self-abuse.  A really great one, no less.

Like you’d expect less from the rock star Johnny Mayhem and crew.


Every year, a local cathedral puts on a safe holiday festival for families.  No worries about apples in the razor blades or scary people in cars plowing over the kids — that kind of thing.  There’s a huge carnival, with rides and live music and carnie-style games, and it draws a HUGE crowd.  We’re talking HUGE here.  Up to twenty thousand people walk through the gates every year, for several hours of fun and candy and positive message.  Cathedral Of His Glory turns into a veritable sea of people.

While some of you who have seen Johnny’s more adult-themed shows in other areas might be boggling just a little right now (as curse words and adult-ish themes haven’t been all that uncommon, and, in fact, have been a draw), the Mayhem crew is actually really good with kids.  Probably because they’re just great big kids themselves.  Go figure.

Anyway, Johnny went on around seven p.m., when it got dark here in Greensboro, and opened the show with fire.  He continued to wow the crowd and make them roar with laughter for almost an hour, pulling people from the audience to get involved.  The show went pretty much without a hitch, and afterward, he was mobbed with people thanking him and stapling his trademark dollar bills to his chest.

We’ve been asked back, and people are still sending messages and comments on how much they loved him.  Huge thanks to the people at the Cathedral for putting this thing on and helping it run so smoothly — we’re always thrilled to work with people who are as nice as you are.


The second event of the night was postponed due to a combination of weather and attendance.  They’re rescheduling for the spring, and they totally want MAYHEM INC there, which is awesome.  They’d also mentioned some other events in the near future, and while we were bummed a little that this one was postponed, we’re beyond happy to have met those folks, too.  Nice people can be a bit of a rarity in promotions and events, and we’ve been very, very lucky out here in North Carolina to find all of them so far.

And, truth be told, we were pretty tired from Huge Event #1 of the evening.  It’s probably a good thing we got some donuts and some sleep instead.

*  *  *

This weekend is coming fast, and Johnny had An Idea.

Ideas are usually the realm of the missus, but Johnny looked over on Halloween night and said, “Y’know…you should totally do a line of classic sideshow scents and soaps for the gathering.  I bet Franco’d trade us vendor space for slave labor, and just think how freakin’ cool it would be to have sword swallower perfume.”

One should never mention ideas of this nature to the missus.  Ever.  Because she runs with them.


An exclusive line of scents (fifteen of them, with a bonus sixteenth if you buy the set), launching at and commemorating the annual Sideshow Gathering 2009, with an italian carnivale/steampunky kind of feel to them.  They’ll also be here on the site, exclusively, when the gathering is over.  (Provided missus can figure out how this code stuff works.  It’s being difficult at the time of this writing, as code tends to do.)

From the watery fraudulence of the Sirena di Figi (Fiji Mermaid) to the exotic-sweet resin of lo Sportellista di Fortuna (the Fortune-Teller), to the spicy woods dripping with beeswax of il Fakhir (the Fakhir, obviously)…there’s a whole line of classic sideshow bottles that are both fun and wearable, and a collaboration between the Mayhems.

Just one more service we offer.

We’ll be updating live from Wilkes-Barre!  Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute reports on the industry’s best and brightest!

We. can’t. wait.

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