Pennsylvania Bound!

Johnny Mayhem

This next weekend (the weekend after Halloween, during which we’re working like crazy here in the Greensboro area), marks the annual Sideshow Gathering event in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania!


While MAYHEM, INC is not one of the scheduled performers (we weren’t sure if we’d be moved out here by then or not), there is a huge list of performers scheduled to attend, including The Crispy Family (Johnny’s mentor and friends), Zamora the Torture King (who Mrs. Mayhem still contends looks enough like Mel Gibson with dimples to be cute as all get-out), and The Lucky Devil Sideshow (more friends).

It’s always a great time at Inkin’ The Valley.  Johnny’s attended the gathering twice previously, and is fairly fond of the event, considering that he and the missus got hitched on that very stage back in 2005.  (The Reverend Travis Fessler of Pickled Brothers Sideshow presided.)


Also in 2005 was the Big Swallow…which, despite its name that sounds much like a movie from the Other section of the video store, was a world’s record attempt (and breaking!) for the most number of swords swallowed simultaneously on stage.  A mass of performers stood on the stage, some swallowing multiple swords at once, and shattered that world’s record into a million pieces.


Other record-breakings were attempted that weekend in 2005, but wind conditions kept the performers from getting the records they were seeking.  Johnny was involved in an attempt for a record for group teething of torches (fire-eating), but when the wind shifted, his lip was turned into a giant, fluid-filled jellybean of flesh.

Fire, my friends, is a dangerous thing.


This year, we’re looking forward to hobknobbing with the best in the industry, learning a thing or two, and coming back from Pennsylvania with new ideas and new enthusiasm for the craft and art of sideshow itself.

Come on by, if you’re in the area, or make some plans to drive on over.  It’s great fun for the weekend.

And do say hello if you see us!


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