Join Us


Got a weird or dangerous talent?  Always been interested in doing unspeakable acts of horror to your own body for the amusement of others?  Just want to get some stage time (and some new scars)?

Have we got the opportunity for you.

The MAYHEM, INC sideshow syndicate is looking for performers to join its dysfunctional family of freaks, weirdos, and the clinically insane.  You must be in the Greensboro, NC area (or willing to travel here for practices and performances), over the age of 21 (explained more below), and be an unmitigated attention slut.

We’re looking for the following (and more, just email us if you think you’d fit in):

  • Sword swallowers
  • fire performers
  • demented clowns
  • magicians or mentalists
  • physical comedians
  • contortionists
  • insectavores
  • anyone with an odd or unusual talent
  • jugglers
  • angry trainees for our security and slavery team
  • persons with theater and/or costuming experience
  • stiltwalkers
  • dancers, preferably of the clothed variety
  • escapologists
  • human pincushions
  • suspension artists
  • snake handlers
  • anyone who can jump rope or hula hoop while holding a live chicken in his/her mouth.

You get the picture.  If it’s weird, we love it.  If it’s been a good bar trick or way to make chicks go “ewwww!”, we’ll probably love it (as long as your pants are on at the time).

The weirder, honestly, the better.

If you think you’re weird enough for us, read through our rules for performers and our audition information below, and get in touch.  You’d be amazed how we can showcase your oddity!


Being of the professional sort, MAYHEM, INC has a set of rules that we ask each performer to agree to, prior to being added to our show.  Most of these are common sense, but as you probably know, common sense is not always that common.  (And, really, we’re talking about sideshow here — common sense doesn’t always apply.)

That said, the rules:

  • All performers must be 21 and up.  Many performances end up taking place in venues that serve alcohol, and you wouldn’t be allowed in, otherwise.  The law’s the law.  If you are under the age of 21, there still may be internship opportunities available, with performances at all-ages venues.  Just know you won’t be able to be a full part of the show until you’re old enough to take that shot of tequila legally.
  • Along the same lines, all performers WILL BE SOBER during both SHOWS and PRACTICES.  After the shows and/or practices, feel free to drink yourself under the table if you so choose, but while you’re with us, your liver is safe.  (This goes for other intoxicants, as well.  Feel free to lick a toad on your own time, but when you’re with us, you’re going to be toad-free.)
  • BE PUNCTUAL.  We can’t stress this enough. If you can’t be on time for practice, you probably can’t be on time for a paid show, and we don’t play those kinds of unprofessional games.  Take it seriously.
  • You must have a willingness and ability to travel, and possibly to take over driving.  While we’re looking for slave labor as well, you may be asked to pack the equipment and to take care of your own props.  No fussing about that.
  • Professionalism is KEY, and therefore, no relationships of a personal nature are allowed within the group.  We’re all friends here — family, really — and incest causes drama.  If you must develop a relationship with another group performer, you will be asked to decide among you which of you wishes to part company with the group.  We’ve seen all too many groups be torn apart when people can’t keep the little ringleader in his tent.
  • Members are responsible for their own insurance, and we would strongly suggest that you have some.  Blood happens.  We aren’t paying for it.
  • SAFETY IS OUR FIRST CONCERN.  Don’t be stupid.  We’ll work with each performer on a safety plan that covers both the performer and the audience in the contingency of injury, and work actively to make sure that it never, ever happens.  If a fire performer, we make no claims or safety liabilities regarding the health of your eyebrows, however.

There may be more added at any time, and your audition for MAYHEM, INC is your implicit agreement to any rules.  (We’ll let you know before we add the one that says we get your firstborn.  Maybe.)


Please send an email (and a promo photo or two) to AUDITIONS(at)JOHNNYMAYHEM(dot)COM, with a brief explanation of your experience (if any), talents (if any), and any comments you may wish to add that would make us want your mug in our rosters.

A video of your performance is often helpful in our decision-making — please send us a link to your video online rather than the video itself.  (Full inboxes and all.)

If accepted, you will be asked to sign both a standard Non Disclosure Agreement and a binding NonCompete Agreement.  It’s not that we don’t trust you, we just need to cover our collective asses.  You will also be asked to create a short bio for the site, and provide us with availability for practices and shows.  (You are not required to be at every performance, of course, but a healthy availability is a bonus.)

Thank you for your interest in MAYHEM, INC!  We look forward to working with you (and your second evil head).