Mayhem, Inc.

Because you know you want to know more about us, both on and off the stage, we present….



MAYHEM, INCOPORATED was born in 2009, after its founder and father, Johnny Mayhem, made a flight across the country to escape justice …er…explore parts unknown.

Formerly seen in the US midwest (aka “Flyover States”), performing as a part of several amateur groups and individually as Johnny Mayhem, MI has wowed audiences in such varied venues as rock shows and high school proms.  (No, really.)

With the addition of local talent in the North Carolina area (where MI is based), the group has begun introducing the south to the amazement and revulsion that is the sideshow.  Taking a non-traditional, theatrical tack, the group is unique among groups performing today.

Mayhem, Inc. has some weekend openings for bookings in coming weeks.  Please see the “Book Us” link above for a detailed explanation of what we do, and information on how to get us for your event.



Johnny Mayhem is the charismatic Capo of our sideshow family.  He hails from the darkest reaches of a foreign land called Iowa, and recently relocated to the south, where his most amazing trick seems to be driving well in the rain.

Johnny cut his sideshow teeth in Denver, under the tutelage of Crispy of the Crispy Family Carnival.  Under the watchful eye of the sideshow legend, Johnny learned all about the wonders of fire, escapology, and abusing his body for the amusement of others.

He has worked with and learned from some of the greatest names in the industry, including Dan Meyer (of the SSAI and recently seen on America’s Got Talent), Zamora the Torture King, The Enigma, Red Stewart, Natasha Veruska, The Bindlestiffs, Matt the Knife, Travis Fessler (of Pickled Brothers Sideshow), Brett Copes, Disgraceland Family Circus, Katzen, Pain Tribe, Rob Hill, John Strong, and Tylerfyre.

Mayhem is constantly adding new acts to his repertoire.  From sword-swallowing to escaping an unmodified straight jacket while on stilts, jumping on broken glass to smashing heavy objects on his manparts while laying on a bed of razor-sharp swords — Johnny does it all, while letting you, the audience, watch his pain.

You sick monkeys, you.


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